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If you’re over 35, chances are you have already begun noticing changes in your performance. All guys hate to admit it, but unfortunately the inevitable occurs in all men, your hormonal levels begin to decline and your entire hormonal system begins to shift in unfavorable directions. These hormonal imbalances are symptomatic of a condition in middle aged men called Andropause and are responsible for many undesirable effects.

Whether you call it Tongkat Ali, Long Jack or Pasak Bumi

Research shows that the biocompounds extracted from the root of the Eurycoma longifolia plant safely increase the natural production of testosterone and frees bound-testosterone in the blood stream.

Insufficient testosterone commonly referred to as Low-T can contribute to a condition in middle aged men called Andropause which is linked to many undesirable effects such as those listed to the right. The continued onset of these conditions as men age can be slowed down considerably if not reversed by encouraging the body's natural production of healthy testosterone levels.

Low-T and some related undesirable effects:

  • Increased Body Fat
  • Loss of Lean Muscle
  • Low Energy
  • Thinning Hair
  • Depression
    Less Confidence
  • Reduction in Bone Mass
  • Reduced Libido

All of us want to continue engaging in the daily activities we enjoy whether it is with our family or at work, in the gym, or sharing romantic moments with your partner. Don’t let declining hormones affect your performance. Fortunately for most men, the conditions of Andropause or Low-T can dramatically be slowed down resulting in a happier, healthier you and a rewarding life. Here is the simple truth behind AndroMax200:1 and why it will help you and your overall state of health.

Replacing Low-T with a Healthy Level of Testosterone leads to:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improvement in muscle tone
  • Reduction in body fat (Melts Belly Fat)
  • Greater strength, stamina, & endurance
  • Enhanced libido and sexual performance
  • Improved confidence and well being

The bio active compounds found in AndroMax gently persuade your body's natural pathways to produce free testosterone. In middle aged men increasing testosterone levels leads to the recovery of male vitality including your manliness and confidence. AndroMax200:1 contains the most potent concentrate of bio active compound found in the root of the plant called Eurycoma logifolia and it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. So make a positive decision to Turn Back The Clock And Recover Your Youth. Get started by ordering AndroMax200:1 today.

Replacing Low-T with a Healthy Level of Testosterone ALSO leads to:

  • Enhanced energy and vitality
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved mental acuity and concentration
  • Increases HDL and decreases LDL


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Take AndroMax & You'll Experience:

  • A Greater Sense of Confidence
  • Improved Stamina
  • Youthful Vitality
  • A Loss of Belly Fat
  • An Increase in Muscle Mass


Your Manliness and Reclaim Your Alpha Male!

Using AndroMax200:1

Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Why take AndroMax200:1?

AndroMax200:1 is an all natural supplement, its not a drug, hormone or synthetic. The only ingredients in AndroMax200:1 are derived from a well researched plant (Eurycoma Longifolia) which is harvested from the rainforest in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Because of its ability to provide so many male related health benefits Eurycoma Longifolia is considered natures miracle gift to man. The power within Eurycoma Longifolia is centered around numerous bioactive compounds contained in the plant's root.

Each capsule of AndroMax200:1 provides a potent concentrate of these bioactive compounds extracted from the root of the Eurycoma Longfolia plant. When AndroMax200:1 is taken as directed the compounds stimulate the natural pathways found in the male body that are designed to increase the production of testosterone.

Thus, your body produces its own testosterone the natural and healthy way and avoids harmful side effects associated with external delivery systems such as injections, patches, and creams.

In order for the extraction process to achieve the proper concentrate it requires 200 grams of Eurycoma Longifolia Root to extract 1 gram of concentrated bioactive compounds.

Increasing your testosterone offers amazing benefits. Look at the list below which includes just some of the more notable benefits. Notice they are reversed symptoms of aging.

  • Increased libido and improved sexual performance
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased muscle mass and muscle tone
  • More energy and vitality
  • Increased strength, stamina and endurance
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • A decrease in bad (LDL) cholesterol
  • An increase in good (HDL) cholesterol
  • Improved concentration, memory and mental acuity
  • A greater sense of well being and confidence
  • A more youthful outlook on life.


Have You Lost Muscle and Gained Belly Fat?


Have You Hit This Point YIKES


Have you reached that point in life where you can actually grab a handful of belly fat? It’s downright disgusting and you know it!

As men progress through the years they lose the ability to produce testosterone and over time the gradual accumulation of abdominal fat reaches a point where it no longer goes unnoticed!

Younger men benefit from higher levels of testosterone which help significantly to maintain muscle tone and muscle density and a lower percentage of body fat as it compares to muscle mass.



As younger men transition to mid life and beyond their natural capacity for producing testosterone declines and the ability to maintain muscle mass decreases and many begin noticing and increase in belly fat and a reduction in muscle mass.

Like many middle age men they discover strict dieting and rigorous exercise may not be enough to overcome the Battle of the Bulge and the Decline in Muscle Mass. This condition is often related to low levels of testosterone commonly referred to as Low T.

Recent scientific studies show that low testosterone (Low T) is directly linked to an increase in belly fat and obesity.(1)




Low T and The Middle Age Male Curse

Unfortunately for us guys, every year after 30 our natural process for producing testosterone slows down. Over time many of us begin noticing the accumulation of belly fat and even scarier from a strict standpoint of health is the accumulation of visceral fat that gradually builds up surrounding vital organs impeding their performance.


Adding insult to the condition of unwanted belly fat brought on by lower levels of testosterone are the studies supporting the added suppression of testosterone production due to a certain enzymes found in adipose tissue. These enzymes are able to impede the benefits of free testosterone and testosterone production.(2-6)

Published studies have shown that low testosterone and obesity reinforce each other, trapping men in a spiral of weight gain and hormonal imbalance a curse representing a vicious cycle that leads to life-threatening abdominal obesity. The loss of testosterone leads to obesity and obesity leads to the loss of testosterone.


pass1-man-runningThe good news is the Middle Age Male Curse and the symptoms associated with it including obesity and unwanted belly fat can be reversed by restoring youthful levels of testosterone.


AndroMax200:1 can help your body safely and naturally increase its production of testosterone. It's affordable and we stand behind it with the most generous money back guarantee in the industry.


Studies show that increasing testosterone levels in middle aged men can lead to a body composition made up of less fat and more muscle as well as encouraging a state of enhanced health improving your strength, stamina and energy.





AndroMax . . . Reverse The Curse
Testosterone and Body Composition


In a landmark study out of Sweden in 1991, researchers gave a group of overweight men supplemental testosterone for 6 weeks .(7) After this time, they found the activity of the fat-storage enzyme lipoprotein lipase was dramatically reduced in abdominal fat tissue. Waist and circumference also decreased in 9 of the 11 men.

With the obesity epidemic raging and its tremendous impact on the overall health of our nation's population, physicians are particularly interested in the role testosterone plays in body composition. Testosterone appears to affect fat cell metabolism and fat loss in several ways for example:(8)


AndroMax helps you maintain a healthy body composition. Look and feel your best while engaged in the activities you love to do.


  • Inhibiting fat storage by blocking a key enzyme called lipoprotein lipase that is necessary for the uptake of fat into the body's fat cell. When fat cells are exposed to testosterone in a test tube, the activity of lipoprotein lipase is dramatically reduced.
  • Stimulating fat burning by increasing the number of certain receptors on the fat-cell membrane that release stored fat.(9)
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity allowing for proper glucose absorption and improving lipid (fat) and insulin metabolism, while enhancing growth of muscle fibers and decreasing fat deposits.

All of these effects benefit body composition by promoting lean body mass and reducing fat mass.(10,11)


NOTE: Testosterone Melts Belly Fat in fact testosterone is wonderful for fat loss as opposed to just weight loss and as you already know this is particularly important for older guys but it's still an issue for younger men in their 20's and 30’s. Testosterone helps build muscle, which ramps up your insulin sensitivity, maintains metabolic health, and delivers all kinds of other important benefits.

In Asia Eurycoma Longifolia Has Been Used For Centuries to Enhance Male Libido


Most guys experience libido at it’s greatest peaks during their late teens and throughout their twenties. Into their late twenties and beyond for many guys those peaks are gradually reduced to imperceptible mole hills that see very little activity.

Science recognizes there is a correlation between aging or the reduction of testosterone and other hormones and diminished interest toward sexual stimuli. The symptom is often referred to as a diminished libido or a lack of libido.

Eurycoma longifolia, the principal source from which the main ingredients found in AndroMax200:1 are extracted, is a therapeutic herb native to the Malaysian rain forest.

Like many other exotic plants, Eurycoma longifolia is popular in traditional medicine. In Indonesia its primary purpose is to promote a healthy libido and support healthy testosterone levels in males.

Natures Gift For Male Enhancement

Most guys that have noticed a decline in their libido are likely to see an increase in their sex drive and sexual performance as a result of supplementing with AndroMax200:1 The improvement comes about naturally and is entirely due to the main ingredients found In AndroMax. As already stated these ingredients or natural compounds are extracted from the root portion of the herb Eurycoma logifloia.

"I've recovered much of my lost libido and now visual stimuli along with more subtle stimuli can arouse my sexual interest. Only a few months ago I was comatose when it came to sexual stimuli. Something has definitely changed for me and I wouldn't be surprised if my T-level has increased. The only thing I have been doing differently for the last two months is taking AndroMax200:1. In one week I have a scheduled doctors appointment to draw blood and check my T-level as it compares to 3 months ago. I'm looking forward to the results! I'll keep you posted." Steven B.- Aptos, CA




Is It Possible Eurycoma Longifolia Could Ignite Your Libido?

AndroMax helps you get the most out of life including the enjoyment of romantic, intimate moments!

AndroMax helps you get the most fun out of life including the enjoyment of romantic, intimate moments!


In Asia the compounds found in the Eurycoma longifolia root extract have long been used as an aphrodisiac and remedy for age-related sexual disorders.

The root contains compounds that have repeatedly been shown to stimulate libido, promote semen quality, and even support muscle growth. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

These effects have largely been attributed to increases in testosterone. 17

A 2012 study out of Malaysia consisted of seventy-six men, only 35% of whom had normal testosterone levels.

After one month of supplementing with Eurycoma longifolia , the number of men in the group with normal testosterone levels jumped to over 90%. 18



A separate double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that men who consumed Eurycoma longifolia on a daily basis experienced improvements in erectile function, libido, and semen volume. Some even experienced fat loss. 19



Does A Link Exist Between Low-T and Erectile Dysfunction?

It is reasonably accepted that Low-T can negatively impact a guys libido and in turn that condition can negatively impact a guys ability to "get it up". The inability to experience an erection is commonly referred to as ED (Erectile Dysfunction). HOWEVER . . .

Although a weak libido can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction it is not considered the most common cause. ED can also be attributed to psychological and physical conditions as well.

Physchological problems such as depression, anxiety, and relationship issues are also possible causes of ED. So are multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, chronic back pain, and other neurological conditions.


The most common cause of Erectile Dysfunction is reduced blood flow to the penis due to chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries and a weak heart. Erectile Dysfunction often times is directly related to poor cardiovascular health or heart disease.


Is it possible AndroMax Super Blend
could help prevent and or improve the condition commonly called Erectile Dysfunction?

The following health factors are considered essential for safeguarding against ED or Erectile Dysfunction.


  • Maintaining a healthy vascular system supporting proper blood flow throughout the veins, arteries and capillaries.

  • Maintaining a healthy well performing heart .

  • Maintaining a healthy sex drive . . . Libido

  • Overcoming and avoiding psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, quilt, depression and low confidence


Lets consider each of the above by discussing the following FOUR INGREDIENTS found in the AndroMax Super Blend formula. Note each capsule contains the following:

250 mg of Eurycoma logifolia 200:1 root extract: As already mentioned in previous sections presented here at Andromax.com, Eurycoma logifolia root extract when taken properly can safely and naturally aid in the production of testosterone. Men of all ages with healthy levels of testosterone enjoy many benefits that otherwise might be minimized. For example a healthier ratio of muscle versus fat (more muscle less fat . . . Testosterone Melts Belly Fat). Increase levels of testosterone also provide for a greater sense of self confidence along with the ability to better handle stress and anxiety. Increased levels of testosterone improve libido which adds to the enjoyment of life in general.

200 mg of L-Arginine: The most important characteristic of Arginine is that it is the only building block for the molecule NO (nitric oxide). Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator and it helps to regulate vascular tone, ensuring the flexibility of blood vessels which contributes to the ease of blood flow throughout the cardiovascular system including the capillaries.


Healthy blood flow is a preventative safeguard that reduces the likely hood of male impotence.

L-Arginine is therefore used to:

  • Combat arteriosclerosis
  • Treat Erectile Dysfunction
  • Encourage Healthy Muscle Growth
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve insulin resistance in cases of diabetes
  • Improve blood flow in capillaries

L-Arginine compliments healthy levels of testosterone.


In 1998 the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was won by Luis Ignarro, Robert Furchgott and Ferid Murad for their research on the benefits of Nitric Oxide (NO) and its primary building block Arginine.


In summary, the most wellknown medical benefits of Larginine are:


  • To provide a natural virility remedy for the treatment of erectile disorders (erectile dysfunction)

  • To contribute significantly to the health of the overall vascular system lowering the risk of strokes & heart attack.

  • To encourage healthy muscle growth

  • To lower high blood pressure

  • To strengthen the immune system

  • To improve insulin resistance in the case of diabetes

  • To help maintain fats and cholesterols at healthy levels

  • To provide treatment for arteriosclerosis (vascular calcification)

  • To improve blood flow in capillaries

  • To reduce the potential of blood clotting avoiding stokes and heart attacks

  • To facilitate and restore memory and learning




On my 55th birthday I was in Tulum Mexico celebrating with my wife. Six months prior I was 30 lbs heavier. That's when I started talking AndroMax Super Blend. I lost fat and put on muscle my vshape came back I had incredible energy and stamina my libido was up and my sexual performance was solid as a rock no pun intended. Today I am 61 I still maintain a v-shape and I still enjoy great energy and stamina my libido is strong and my sexual performance is solid. Its been over six years since I started using AndroMax I wouldn’t be without it! I recommend this product to anyone interested in dropping fat, gaining muscle, increasing libido and avoiding erectile dysfunction.
Benjamin Hicks – Phoenix, AZ


200 mg of L- Citrulline: As a dietary supplement, arginine and citrulline can be taken in combination to support protein metabolism and maintain muscle tissue. For this reason, it is a popular supplement amongst bodybuilders.

In addition, the combination of arginine and citrulline has been found to improve sexual dysfunction in men.

Arginine alone is promoted as a health supplement to be used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, as a growth supplement and as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Arginine aids in the production of nitric oxide, which is a molecule essential for blood vessel dilation and so enables the healthy flow of blood through the body. Citrulline facilitates the production of Arginine.

Arginine and Citrulline are nitricoxide boosting substances which help maintain the cardiovascular system (arteries, veins and capillaries) so that blood flows freely reducing the possibility of clotting and congestion.



200 mg of L-Carnitine: The heart muscle derives 70% of its daily energy converting fat molecules into energy packets called ATP.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the energy currency created at the cellular level essential to sustain life. In order for this conversion to take place long chain fatty acid molecules must be transported into the mitochondria found deep within the cell.

L-Carnitine is the only amino acid capable of transporting fatty acid molecules across the mitochondria membrane.


AndroMax Super Blend helps safeguard against the mental and physical causes of ED while naturally increasing T-Levels and libido.

Without L-Carnitine the process for sustaining human energy and life would cease!

Much time has been spent researching benefits of L-Carnitine and the results are well documented.

L-Carnitine is a powerhouse amino acid playing an essential role in the metabolic pathway that leads to the burning of fat and the creation of ATP energy packets.

L-Carnitine aids in reduction of fat and the development of muscle it also promotes a positive state of mind it can reduce fatigue and lead to increased vitality and energy. (20)

L-Carnitine supports proper heart function and reduces limitations imposed on the heart due to angina or coronary sclerosis. Consequently it protects against possible cardio exacerbation or heart attacks. (21)

L-Carnitine boost male fertility and supports many critical sperm quality factors simultaneously such as sperm count and concentration, and motility. (22, 23, 24)

L-Carnitine not only controls the metabolism of fat, but it is also responsible for the protection of nerve cells and cel membranes.

For these reasons, L-Carnitine can be regarded as vital for maintaining the health of the body.

Most Important Properties Attributed to L-Carnitine

  • It transports fatty acid molecules through the cell membrane of the mitochondria where the fatty acid is converted to ATP energy packets to power the heart.
  • It can improve the process of burning fat, and helps with weight loss through fat reduction.
  • It facilitates a steady more consistent release of energy (which is recommended in order to meet cognitive performance requirements).
  • It improves muscle recovery and reduces recovery time after sports and strenuous exercise.
  • It facilitates muscle growth.
  • There is some evidence to suggest that L-Carnitine can improve erectile function and sperm production (however, the results of similar studies using L- Arginine are more convincing).

Side Note: Very little L-Carnitine is present in vegetarian food.

The human body mostly receives it’s supply of L-Carnitine from red meat. Because of this, in a mixed diet around 100 to 300 mg per day is taken into the body.

Conversely fruit, vegetables, and meat from poultry contain little or no L-Carnitine.

Therefore, people following a vegetarian or vegan diet receive only approximately 3 – 20% of the level received through a mixed diet, and this amount of L-Carnitine is classed as being inadequate.



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